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Why Premium WordPress Theme?

1) Customization


A free WordPress theme lets you do a certain amount of customization, but this customization comes at a price. Free themes tend to be less flexible and more limited in the scope and kinds of customization available. A premium theme, however, is designed to integrate the features and special add-ons your company needs. Because of this customization, it is also easier to make your blog stand out from the competition. Many sites use the free theme “Twenty Eleven,” which looks great and easy to read, but is also used by over 1,000 other sites just like yours. A customized theme gives your company, product, or brand instant authority and recognition because your site doesn’t look exactly like everyone else out there giving or take a picture or two.


2) Ease of Use


If you’ve ever tried to modify a free WordPress theme, you know it can be a nightmare. Most themes require at least a working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and PHP in order to be able to change anything. Premium WordPress themes are often designed for one-click, button-based changes, allowing you to create a pro-quality webpage even if you have the web design capability of a Neanderthal.


3) Security and Updates


Many free WordPress themes give you a little something extra when you download them: namely, malware. Because the free themes are not updated as rigorously as the premium offerings, loading a free theme could easily compromise your system, leaving you and your clients at potential risk. Getting a free theme from the WordPress site itself instead of a third party helps ameliorate the risk somewhat, but does not eliminate all the potential problems. One major problem is that most free WordPress themes are written for a specific version of WordPress. When the system upgrades, your theme may no longer function properly, forcing you to take your chances or install a new theme at a time and money loss.


4) Support


Free WordPress themes do not generally offer support if something doesn’t work right. Premium themes virtually always include customer care and support as part of the purchase price. For this reason alone, many users find premium themes to be well worth the cost simply because of the time and money savings involved in being able to ask for help and get it in a timely manner, helping them keep their sites running more efficiently with less downtime and fewer glitches.

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