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    Thank you very much for the free version of this beautiful theme.
    But I’m having a few prob with the theme.
    Example, there are two problems on the “Last Update of Category Posts” module of the theme, language and time problems.

    About of Language Problem
    Some lines are not in the .po file. Example: after, ago, hour, munite second, etc…
    I added the missing lines to new .po file and translated it, but it doesn’t work.

    About of Time Zone
    there is also a time zone problem in the module because module does not take the from current time of blog.

    Other problem, I see words limit of block widgets in the your documentation page, but I can’t see this feature in the theme.
    These Widgets:

    First Block Section
    not available in theme: “Enter Content Limit Number Words”

    Five Block Section
    not available in theme: “Enter Content Limit Number”

    Six Block Section
    not available in theme: “Enter Words Content Limit Number”

    I suggest you update this theme if it is suitable for you. Thanks again to free version of this awesome theme.
    Best regards


    Excuse me pls I haven’t much time for my project I just want to your positive or negative answer. I’ll try alternative solutions if support has stopped for this theme.
    Best regards


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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