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    Hello there,
    I am having problems with the slider banner. The featured images set for the slider are not spanned across the screen on higher resolution monitors(too common nowadays). As of now, on a 1920×1080 resolution screen, the slider banner’s left side is what I had set and the right side is just grey. Is there a way to center the image, or can I enlarge the resolution required by the slider(I tried to use an extra long image for the slider, it still only occupies half of the screen)?

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for using our theme, we really appreciate your business

    By default theme have fixed the image size (1320 x 600 ) which is perfect for the normal screen if you can use external resolution monitor then you have to change default image size below I have to send you a location where you can change image size then you can again upload a new image.

    go to theme folder educenter >> functions.php line number 49 where you have to see ( 1320 x 600 ) default theme banner size now if you want to change then add ( 1920x 600 ) size and upload a new image it’s working fine,

    Note: if you don’t have any idea about PHP code then don’t try you can send customization request our developer team below link.

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    The Slider Problem you share is a lot of people interested. It helped me a lot in troubleshooting.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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