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How to Start a Blogging : A Step by Step Guide

If you are a foodie or have the skills in the kitchen and can write a little about the foods, cooked or tasted then you can obviously set up the blog and earn from it. If you are good at making your own recipe, then why stopping yourself from sharing the talent and earn from it. Or if you are a foodie who likes to discover some new taste every while then share your reviews of the food in your blog. Today we will guide you on how to start a blogging here and will let you know all the requirements and tips for that.

Building the best food blogs is not a difficult job as it requires no skills in coding. All you need to know is some basics of the blogging and can set up the WordPress site for your wonderful blog. The blog can be a good source of passive income and might help you a lot to get the recognition. Here we will like to present important steps to start your own food blog.

The steps described here are for making amazing WordPress sites into the best food blogs. These steps give you the basic knowledge of starting your own blog using WordPress. Follow these steps and set your new blog about food and start sharing and exploring more.

Steps on How to Start a Blogging are as follows:

Step 1: Choose Your Blog name and find a matching domain.

You can easily choose a blog name but finding the right domain for the blog is a hectic one. The domain name should be matching with your objectives or brand name and also should be short to remember. Long domain name is usually unattractive and hard to type for the visitors.

Step 2: Hosting your website

The chosen domain name may not be available which makes it hard to get the desired domain name. So, in this case, you should be going with other alternatives to the domain names. Usually, find the domain name ending with the .com extension. .com extension is the most preferred extension and is used for commercial purposes.

The contents of the websites need to be hosted in the server. For that, you need to find the hosting company. There are many free hosting available on the internet but to establish a well and reliable blog, it is always better to host in reliable and paid hosting companies as they provide many other facilities like backup and security.

Web host service enables your web contents (blog) accessible to the visitors. Your hosting company will provide the Cpanel/ web hosting account for the website.

Install the WordPress in your web hosting account or usually called as Cpanel. In Cpanel, you will be provided with the software installation options from where you can install the WordPress for free.

Step 3: WordPress themes installation

WordPress themes are available in premium and free services. You can choose the best suitable theme for your blog. Themes are available in WordPress or also sold by different companies. You can buy the best appropriate theme and customize the blog.

While choosing your theme make sure to check these things in the themes. Themes should be responsive, customizable, SEO optimized, user-friendly and having the support from the developing company.

Step 4: Google setups is a must step on How to Start a Blogging

Google provides important services with the tools and platforms such as google analytics, google search console and feedBurner. Open the account in these platforms. Link your website on these platforms to know more about your site working stats and many other options.

Step 5: Theme customization

After finding the suitable theme for your food blog, customize the blog with your contents. The harder part of setting up the blog is customization. You need to have little skill and knowledge of the customization but codding is generally not needed. Upload the logos, make your menus, header, and footer and upload your contents in the blog.

Step 6: Plugins installations

Plugins provide the different functionalities in the blog. There are many plugins for social media sharing, sliders, security, contact forms and many more. Plugins are important for the website. Some of them are free to use and some are to be paid.  The SEO plugin is most important of all to know the strategy of ranking the contents in the search engine.

Step 7: Content writing is a vital step on How to Start a Blogging

Content are the articles, photos, videos or podcasts that are displayed on the website. Contents are most valued as they build the visitors into your site. Your contents need to be informative and have high value and knowledge and should focus on providing the solution for the problem.

Step 8: Your Food Blog promotion

Your high valued contents should reach to the audience. So blog promotion is a major part of building the audience to your blog. You can have the good utilization of the social media for sharing your contents. If your blog is keyword optimized, then the search engine will also bring the visitors. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube plays important role in blog promotion. Email marketing and guest posts are other forms of promoting the blogs.

Step 9: Blog Monetization

Monetize your blog with Google AdSense, amazon associate program and many others. For monetization, you need to have the good amount of traffic in your food blog. Monetization helps you to earn from your blog.

Making your own blog can be easy but to maintain it is always a hard choice. You need to have the consistency in your writing.  

Write a high valued and original content, publish it on your food blog, build the audience and earn from it.

Hence, these were the top important steps on How to Start a Blogging. If you need premium themes and enhance your earning, you can check our Free as well as Premium WordPress Themes here.

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