How to get started

Goto the Google Maps Platform. On the top right corner you will see a button “ Get Started”. Click on this button

Enabling the Google Maps Platform

Check the boxes to select the maps, routes and places. Then click on “continue”

Selecting a project for creating an API

If you are creating an API key for the first time, You need to create a project first before creating an API key.

  • Provide a name to your Project.
  • At the bottom right of the window there is a “next”button. Click this button.

Setting up the billing

You will be prompted with a billing window. Select “create billing account”.

Enter a name for you Billing Account, as well as your Organization name.

Fill your name and your Organization name to create a billing account. 

Next, enter the customer details and your card information.

Continue by selecting” submit and enable billing”.

For 28000 map requests and 40000 direction calls in a month, you will not be charged anything. But, beyond this usage( when usage exceeds monthly $200 credit limit) you will be billed. 

After the billing is completely set up, You can now move onto creating your API key. 

Create API Credentials

In the API manager menu on the right sidebar, you will see the “credentials” option. Click on it.

Click on the Create Credentials button on the Credentials window

Generate Your API Key

The next window pops up and then click “API key”

  • Simply copy the API key that you generated recently.
  • paste this API key in your WordPress site.
  • Publish by clicking the button “publish”

When you finish pasting the API key into your site, save it and go back to the Google API manger. Now click on the “restrict key” button on the window “API key created”. This will help you restrict access to your API key and prevent it from being hijacked.

Select HTTP referrers (web sites) and under Accept requests from these HTTP referrers (web sites), enter the following websites. Replace yourdomain.com by your own domain name.

*.domain.com/* and *domain.com/*

Now, click on “save” button.

Enable Required API Functions

You should now enable the API functions that are required. For this, click the Library link in the API manager sidebar menu. Next, click on the “Google Maps Javascript API panel.

To enable the JavaScript API, click on “enable” on the Google Maps JavaScript API window. Usually, the javaScript API will already be enabled as shown in the image.

API Changes Introduced By Google

Recently, there has been an announcement by Google Maps about certain changes in the API. This probably will affect all the Google Maps users. Google introduced a new pricing plan that says “pay as you go”. A user with this plan can get 28000 map requests/month and 40000 direction calls /month for free.

Click here for other rate and limits.

Source: https://www.wpgmaps.com/documentation/creating-a-google-maps-api-key/

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